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Lately, I have been letting opportunities for a change in career pass me by. I have been dealing with internal conflict about what a change in job, job location and people would cause if I accepted a new job opportunity in my career. I decided to ask Donna to take a look at the tarot cards for me to see if we could sort this out. Wow! Donna’s reading hit it right on the nose about how I was not deciding to allow so much change into my world. Her reading and the notes she sent helped give me clarity to this indecision I have been traversing. I love that I can reread the reading anytime I would like. I understand better what I am doing currently which has given me better focus to make the changes I desire. ~Jennifer

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How is Tarot and Astrology used in a reading?

For centuries, Tarot and Astrology have been used to guide people in the four important and personally meaningful pillars of life:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Self-Expression
  • Love

TaroAstrologist combines both Tarot and Astrology to create a personal, unique, in-depth and more comprehensive reading for you. A Tarot card is placed in each of the twelve houses of the Astrology chart. Not only is each tarot card read and interpreted for you, but how that card applies to the meaning of each house in your Astrology chart.

The Four Elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water are expressed in both Tarot and Astrology. These Four Elements represent Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit. Imagine all of these layered into a reading for you!! One that will lead you to a higher awareness of yourself which will allow you to make better choices and bring empowerment into your life.


So what exactly does living in awareness mean? Having awareness of your choices means that you can live your life fearlessly. Do you have questions about your job or purpose in life? Do you have questions about your relationships, whether romantic or family? Do you have questions about children? Do you have questions about money? Do you have questions about how to find your joy? Does this mean that I give you specific answers to all those questions? I can’t do that for you because you are the one that has the final say in all decisions about your life. Living with your choices and allowing all those choices to be part of your experience means living fearlessly. Nothing keeps you from your path and what you want to do in your life except fear. When living in awareness, you fully embrace all your choices and find the best option for your dreams and goals in life. I can make you aware of your choices. And that’s all we really want to have in life……Choice.


“Why do I want choice??? I want you to tell me what to do!!!” That would be so much easier, wouldn't it? We have been conditioned (and many times negatively) by the media, family, politics and society to make the choices that we’re “supposed” to make. We can’t always live up to that standard because it’s just not who we are. We feel like we don’t have a chance. We feel stuck and moving beyond that place of no options or choices is SCARY! I share positive energy and support to help you move toward living a more fearless life. That’s a life of freedom and empowerment!


How do I become empowered? Living a fearless life means living an empowered life. You are in charge. You can make your own choices. You have no limits to what you bring into your life. And you are FREE! That’s a wonderful place to be and one I would love to help you experience. One reading can help you start on your path, but my package readings give us time to work together to help you achieve your goals of Awareness, Choice and Empowerment.